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Currently Reviewing Hosting Requests

For the past week we have been reading and discussing all of the hosting requests submitted in the past application window. Out of roughly 50 requests submitted, we are more closely reading and discussing 22 requests. If you haven’t heard from us yet it is because we are still discussing your request. I hope to send out final decisions some time next week.

A common question that comes up when reviewing requests by students is “Why isn’t their school providing hosting?” Some of you do a good job in your application explaining how you looked into hosting at your school and found it wasn’t offered or was limited in some fundamental way that would prevent you from using it for the website you have in mind. But many requests do not address the issue at all.

Middle and High schools may offer hosting either at the individual school level or at the district level. Ask around to see if students at your school can get hosting – most schools would require you to make a special request.

Universities probably have a number of ways to procure hosting. Hosting services by the University IT system may exist, but you may also find hosting at the college, department, or program level. Often the Computer Science department can provide hosting even if you aren’t a student in that department. Even if your school doesn’t have a formal system for providing hosting services you will likely be able to find someone who can hook you up with an account; especially if your website idea will provide a service for students. Doing this may even lead to the University helping to publicize your website, provide you with course credits, or even fund your project.

If you are a student you really need to demonstrate to us that you have looked into what hosting services your school provides and have a good reason for not using it. We often reject requests because we do not think we are the right host for them; demonstrate to us that you have researched your options and have decided our service makes the most sense for your project.

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