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Policy Change – additional sites must be approved

As the years have passed it has become more common for individual AmbitiousLemon members to use more than what we consider their fair share of server resources (namely bandwidth and storage space). Each time we have identified a problem and contacted the member in question, the member has quickly dealt with the problem and apologized.

Despite the respectful nature of these interactions we have noticed a disturbing pattern. All of the sites that have caused excessive bandwidth or storage space usage have been created in-addition-to or as a replacement-of the site we had approved when the member was first granted AmbitiousLemon membership. None of these sites would have made it past our formal approval process. Often the site that was added was created for a friend of the AmbitiousLemon member rather than for the member him/herself; completely bypassing our careful review process for new members.

We’ve decided that this is unacceptable. While AmbitiousLemon members have always enjoyed the ability to add additional domains on their own as of today we are changing member privileges to block this ability. Our formal policy is that we allow an unlimited number of domains for each member, but each member must receive permission to add a new site or replace their existing site with something fundamentally different.

Furthermore while members have never been allowed to share their accounts, we are now adding language to our rules page to make this policy plain and obvious to our members. If you have a friend who needs an account, they will have to formally request their own account.

Please review our rules page to make note of these changes.

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