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Registration open for the first group of new members for 2010

We have completed reviewing hosting requests for the last application window and have sent out notification emails to everyone who applied. We admitted 12 new members during this window; these are the last new members added in 2009.

We have reopened the system to accept requests for the rest of the year. On January 4th we will close again so that our committee may convene and discuss the applicants from this applicant pool. As is typical we expect to take 2-3 weeks to review requests and send out final notices to all who apply. This means if you apply now, we won’t start reading until Jan 4 and you will likely have to wait until ~Jan 25 to begin using your account if we grant you a membership.

During this last applicant pool we struggled to decide on whether to approve accounts to students (and educators) who did not tell us why their school could not host their website. We decided to be lenient and grant most of these requests. In the future we will not do so.
If you are a student or educator requesting an account you must specify why your school can not host your site or your request will be denied

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