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Membership Open

We have reopened to new member requests.

8 Responses to “Membership Open”

  1. Darragh van Tichelen Says:

    Hello, I’m very interested in your service, but on the main page their is written that membership is closed :( while your blog says it’s open…

    Do you accept browser game websites?
    if so I really want to be hosted here!
    It looks professional and most important you are the only hosting service which has a free django packet!

    please reply to my mail, or twitter: http://twitter.com/Kruptein

  2. Sten Gruener Says:


    I also wanted to ask when are you going to start a new selection round.


  3. AmbitiousLemon Says:

    This post was made the last day we opened. We closed just a few days ago. It takes us awhile to read all the applications and decide to whom to offer membership.

    We probably would not choose to offer membership to a site whose sole function is games.

  4. Darragh van Tichelen Says:

    *Would you please in the future post this the first day you open =D I check this site every month in the hope membership is open, but somehow I’m always too late =s

    Okay I already expected that answer actually, thanks anyway I also have an other project which you might host =)

  5. AmbitiousLemon Says:

    The post was made the very moment we opened. When I said last day, I meant the last time we opened. We have options to be notified via RSS, email, and post to the twitter feed.

  6. Darragh van Tichelen Says:

    Okay thanks I will check that out,
    do you know how long it minimal will take till your next selection?

  7. AmbitiousLemon Says:

    I hope to reopen Sunday or Monday and leave it open for 2-3 weeks. Add another 2-3 before reviews are completed and the next group would be getting accounts roughly around end of April.

  8. Sten Gruener Says:

    Still closed :(

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