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Open for requests

We have reopened for new hosting requests. This new request window will close on 7 May. If you apply during this window you can therefore expect a final response between 15 and 24 May.

During this past admissions window we admitted 5 new members.

If you are thinking of applying please take some time to read through some of my posts filed in the Prospective member advice section on this blog.

2 Responses to “Open for requests”

  1. Darragh van Tichelen Says:

    I tried to create an account with both opera and firefox, but both times nothing happened after clicking the create button…

    Is this because with a previous selection already made an account?
    or is this a system error (probably not)

  2. Darragh van Tichelen Says:

    I was able to send a request by following an url in a mail I got from you, so I think the problem is fixed in my case..

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