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Planned downtime update: Saturday, June 12th

On Sunday, May 30th Saturday, June 12th we will be taking AmbitiousLemon down for six to eight hours to reinstall the operating system. The server will go down at about 11:00 AM Pacific time and will stay down until we have full functionality restored. We have full backups of data stored on the server, so while data loss is a possibility it is very unlikely.

We have been working on resolving our intermittent downtime issues and have decided that our attempts to band-aid the issue have not been successful. For this reason, we are going to install a fresh build of Linux. In addition, we have seen some attempts to break into AmbitiousLemon. Rebuilding the server from the ground up allows us to add additional layers of security to ensure that future attempts have less chance of success.

One of our admins is has had a family emergency and will not be available on Sunday, May 30th. Accordingly, we are rescheduling our downtime to ensure the reinstall goes as smoothly as possible.

Update #2:
The downtime is being delayed again. We are delaying to ensure that we are in the best position possible to reinstall with minimal downtime and to ensure that the experience is as seamless as possible for our users.

7 Responses to “Planned downtime update: Saturday, June 12th”

  1. Derek K Says:

    Just curious, will this downtime affect email as well? I’m under the impression that this will affect all services.

  2. Duncan Says:

    It may affect e-mail as well; we are looking into options to ensure no e-mail is lost.

  3. arjun Says:

    Sigh… The downtime is affecting email and strangely one of my MX records on AL status is pointing to

    .com MX IN 38400 helium.homelinux.org 10

    What is helium???


  4. Duncan Says:

    helium.homelinux.org is our temporary mail server which will be taking over during our downtime. We just finished testing it last night and I am drafting an announcement explaining (and re-announcing our downtime) to be published a bit later today.

  5. Sten Gruener Says:

    Hi, my site is not working!! I can not log in either. Help me!

  6. Anthony Lee Says:

    Like Mr. Gruener, I am unable to log in to AmbitiousLemon.com or access the FTP server.

    The site appears to be online, however, as I can login to my blog backend and make posts, edit, etc.


  7. Duncan Says:

    Anthony/Sten: I’ve fixed FTP access and the issues logging into the AmbitiousLemon members area.

    Sten, I’m aware of the issues with your site and I am looking into them.

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