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Open for Membership

Its the last time this year to request membership at AmbitiousLemon.

Prospective members have between now and 10 Dec to submit requests. This last closure was longer than usual so we are expecting a larger than usual number of requests. Be sure to make them good! The large number of expected requests might also mean it could take us longer than the usual 2-3 weeks after 10 Dec to send out our responses, please be patient with us.

Please review the blog posts made in the “Prospective Member Advice” to make sure your request is the best possible.

One Response to “Open for Membership”

  1. Icaro Incombustible Says:

    We want to thank you guys for our web site aproval; the inconenience is that we can not access the log in section and begin to upload. Could you send us a new password and username?
    Thanks again!

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