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Membership renewal

Since our service is free people rarely let us know when they stop using (or never end up using) their accounts. To clear out the unused accounts we occasionally perform an audit of user accounts. Last night we began reviewing all user accounts. If sites were found to not be in use they were deactivated. Similarly if sites were found to be in violation of our rules they were deactivated. Our review will continue for the next couple days. If your site becomes unavailable in the next couple days it is likely because we misidentified it as out of use. Please contact us immediately so that we can reactivate your account.

When we finish our review all remaining accounts may be contacted and asked to email us to confirm they are using their account. Please make sure your email address on record with us is up to date by logging in to the member area and navigating to the community section where you will find options to view and edit your contact details.

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