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Account Pruning in Progress. Email us to retain your account.

To all current members:

You must email AmbitiousLemon staff or your AmbitiousLemon member account will be disabled.

It has been nearly 2 years since we checked for unused account so we will be doing our regular pruning of unused member accounts. We have found that because our service is free, users don’t tend to notify us when they are no longer using our hosting. These unused accounts can collectively use significant resources. For the past few years we have occasionally requested that users contact us if they want to keep their accounts. This is another such request.

We request that you respond to this post via email in order to notify us if you would like your account to remain active. If you no longer need your AmbitiousLemon account an email letting us know would also be appreciated.

As part of this pruning, we will also be using some server log statistics to proactively identify unused accounts. If your account is disabled in error please notify us immediately and we will reactivate the account. A major characteristic our automated deactivation will take into account is whether the software is using out of date software that requires regular security updates (like WordPress). Please take this as a reminder to update all your software to the latest version.

Since some users do not keep their contact information with us up to date it would also be very helpful if you let anyone you know with an AmbitiousLemon account about this requirement.

Thank you.

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